Tuesday, March 31, 2015




UK NAKED MEN: Luke Tyler & Izan Loren

The quietest gay bar in town, the only occupants are sexy 18 year old Izan Loren and Luke Tyler. Strapping six foot 2 - Luke Tyler, a boy with matinee idol good looks, a big, uncut dick and the most amazing cum shot you'll ever see, really squirt after squirt and when you think he's stopped...more cum. Little Izan's brand spanking new and too tight to fuck,( thats so cute), so Luke's happy to bend right over and take Izan's big dick, he's only five foot 8 inches but there's another good eight inches in his pants. Luke takes that dick like a ho-pro and luvs feeling it inside him, Izan pumps his juicy hole and pulls out to watch him wank his big dick. And when Luke cums ..... stand back!

Monday, March 30, 2015


ICON MALE: His Son's Best Friend - Nick Capra, Colton Grey

Nick Capra passes his former student, Colton Grey, as he's driving down the road. Colton is hitchhiking into town, looking for work, because his dad got evicted from his house. Nick can't resist Colton's puppy dog eyes and he lets the boy stay in his guest room while he gets back on his feet. Nick starts talking about how in the school days he wasn't able to talk to Colton about his feelings for ethical reasons. Colton is confused by what Nick is saying, until his former teacher leans in a starts kissing him, promising him a place to stay if he cooperates. Nick and Colton start making out, and Nick pushes the smaller boy down on the guest room bed. The guys start taking off their clothes and Nick starts playing with Colton's nipple and kissing down his chest. He sucks on the boys toes while his raging boner presses against his jeans. Nick takes Colton's thick man meat into his mouth.Then Nick fucks Colton hard on the bed, shoving him into the mattress. The two guys finish in a screaming orgasm, and while Nick sleeps it off, Colton sneaks out.

Actors : Nick Capra, Colton Grey

Categories : Anal, DILF, HD, Older on Younger, Oral/ Blowjob, Reality

STR8HELL: Romi, Petr and Ivan RAW - Raunchy - Ivan Mraz, Romi Zuzka, Petr Zuska,

What a great Raunchy scene we have, with the sex mad Ivan Mraz and brothers Romi and Petr Zuzka.  We find Ivan gagged and shackled to the bed, naked and with clamps on his nipples.  Our sexy brothers arrive, wearing see-thru underwear and holding their whips.  They have fun, whipping Ivan's hot, writhing body.  Ivan moans as he feels the whips, his cock beginning to harden. Romi grabs that cock and is soon sucking on it, before letting Petr have a taste as well.  Ivan's cock gets good and hard as Petr sucks it.  Then Romi takes over again.  They take turns on Ivan's cock and then decide to feed him some cock too.  Both are rock hard and release the gag from Ivan's mouth, so he can enjoy some throbbing meat.  Romi is naked, and rams his dick in and out of Ivan's eager mouth.  Then, as Romi goes back down on his cock, Ivan sucks Petr. They release Ivan's ankles and shackle them over his head, so that his hot ass it available. Romi's hot tongue hones in on that hot ass, and laps at it.  Petr then has a taste of hole as well.  They again take turns as it.  Then they move Ivan onto his knees and Petr gets behind him, ramming his big, hard cock deep into that hot hole.  As Ivan moans Petr fucks him deep and hard.  Then he pulls out and makes way for Romi to fuck that eager hole. When it is Petr's turn again he climbs and and fucks nice and deep as Romi covers Ivan's mouth .  Then Romi gets to fuck that ass again, before his place is taken once more by Peter. Ivan is turned over, onto his back and his hole is pounded some more with Petr first up.  Romi kneels close by and wanks his cock as he brother slams in and out of Ivan's ass.  Ivan wanks himself too and soon explodes with a hot cumshot.  Petr keeps fucking as Romi wanks himself until he shoots a nice load too. His hot cum shoots over Ivan's sexy chest, as Petr continues to pound away at that ass. Petr cant hold back and dumps his creamy load deep in Ivan's hot ass.      

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