Monday, May 25, 2015

STAXUS: Dirty blond gets blindfolded, rimmed and spit-roasted by mates - Edward Fox, Tom Nutt, Troy Vara

Edward Fox and Troy Vara are clearly in the mood for a little bit of kinky fun with their sleepy fuck-buddy, Tom Nutt – bounding onto his bed, blindfolding the fellow and playing that age-old game of “guess whose cock you’re sucking”! Any pretence of disinterest on Nutt’s part, however, is undermined by the fact that the young blond has a hard-on in his pants like a fucking tent. Indeed, both Fox and Vara seem to understand that their pal is well up for action; and it’s no more than a minute or two before Nutt has removed the blindfold and is very eagerly devouring every meaty, uncut inch that his mates are able to thrust in his direction!

What’s more, it doesn’t seem to take all that long before the fellow has positioned himself on the bed with his legs almost wrapped behind his ears, so that Fox and Vara can take turns to rim his gaping ass-hole. Clearly this is a boy with a whole lot of sex on his mind; and it seems to come as almost something of a relief when Vara finally plunges his joystick into the fellow’s hungry pucker, still jutting proudly into the air in a very open invitation to his over-sexed pals.

No question about it, Vara takes full advantage, mercilessly pummelling the kid’s man-cunt to full effect; whilst Fox takes a somewhat more gentile approach, allowing Nutt to ride his dick cowboy-style – a method that Vara himself replicates shortly afterwards. Not that Nutt seems the kind of boy to care how he’s being fucked – so long as he is! – and the copious stream of jizz that he takes full-on in the face only underlines his total-slut credentials!


Bareback, Blindfold, Blond haired, Facial cumshot, Gangbang, Rimming, Spit roasting, Threesome, Twinks (18+), Uncut cocks


Edward Fox, Tom Nutt, Troy Vara

STAXUS: Cock-mad Johny Cruz enjoys an unbelievable triple penetration - Alejandro Alvarez, Jace Reed, Johny Cruz, Xavi Duran

Some scenes are just so fucking wonderfully predictable that they almost don’t need any kind of narration, and this truly amazing escapade – featuring Johny Cruz doing what he does best, i.e. being a total and utter man-slut! – is just such an offering! Indeed, if you ever for any reason thought that young Cruz was a fellow who might just have some element of sexual restraint, or indeed a degree of morality about him, then what you’re about to see him get up to with Alejandro Alvarez, Xavi Duran and (eventually) Jace Reed will almost certainly leave you in no doubt that that’s just not the case at all.

Cruz is, in every sense, a young fellow whose last vestige of impropriety has been eclipsed by an almost obsessive desire for cock en-masse – and fuck, don’t we just love him for it! In fact, he’s pretty much on sexual overdrive from the moment that two hunky, tattooed pals (Alvarez and Duran) arrive in the bedroom to give him a good working over, just moments after he’s placed a telephone order for pizza. Indeed, you might be even left wondering what aphrodisiac this boy is one as he guzzles on both dicks like his life depends on it.

But it’s what happens after the arrival of delivery boy Jace Reed – and his monster dick! – that really fires this escapade into the stratosphere; with all three fuckers now gagging for a piece of the gigantic shaft, before Cruz succumbs to the inevitable results of his hyper-charged libido and takes the dicks of all his co-stars up his ass simultaneously! It’s an almost unbelievable performance; topped off by Cruz taking his buddies’ spunk all over his face and in his mouth! In short, abso-fucking-lutely brilliant!!


Big dick, Double Penetration, Facial cumshot, Facial Hair, Fetish, Rimming, Spit roasting, Tattoos, Threesome, Twinks (18+), Uncut cocks


Alejandro Alvarez, Jace Reed, Johny Cruz, Xavi Duran

FRENCH TWINKS: Unleash sex in the kitchen (A powerful fuck in a crazy atmosphere) - XAVIER SIBLEY, VINCENT TYLE AND ANTHONY

Xavier Sibley, Vincent Tyle and Anthony are in the kitchen to ready to prepare a cake for Baptist's 18th birthday. While they are busy with their recipes, things will quickly slip into a crazy food fight that will take place in the kitchen. The three boys find themselves covered in flour, egg and raspberry coulis. Anthony who has just got out of the shower goes mad, Xavier and Vincent found this atmosphere rather exciting and start kissing.

Vincent sucks beautiful Xavier's cock who soon to grow. After lying on the kitchen table Xavier will eat Vincent ass out before fucking his ass with all his power. Vincent, who is usually a top bottoms beautifully for Xavier who plays the dominant role and doesspare him! Always so imaginative, Xavier suggests Vincent ejaculate both in cake batter, just to make a little surprise for Baptist

TAGS : kitchen, food, fight, twinks, huge cock, sodomy, rimming, double ejaculation

FRENCH TWINKS: Baptiste wants more (Baptiste and Xavier Sibley enjoy the medical office)

As the young Baptiste has barely finished getting fucked by Dr. Jordan Fox, when Xavier Sibley alerted by noises enjoyment bursts into the doctor's office and instantly understands how his buddy's kind of appointment was carried out. Very excited by the situation, he willgive time to his young comrade to get dressed and jumps directly on him.

Baptiste greedily sucks the beautiful Xavier's cock before, Xavier returning his his attentions to still dilated hole that he gives a quick to lick and play's with. Always so greedy Baptist isgoing to be asked to receive the Extra Large cock into his ass  he is deeply fucked. Xavier very comfortable in the role of dominant male, and his full power is unleashed on the ass of Baptiste with everything coming to an end with a very thick facial on the angelic face of the twink aged 18. A true duo met in a medical world that inspires fantasies.

TAGS : medical, doctor, twink, sodomy, blowjob, young, smooth, cute, 18 years

FRENCH TWINKS: A Frenchie in Las Vegas (Camille Kenzo met Brandon Wilde during our US Road Trip)

As part of our US Tour 2015 tour we took Camille to Las Vegas and have planned a little surprise for him by bringing our favourite Theo Ford along, who started his massive porn career right here with French Twinks - and now working in the US for the biggest studios. Theo did not come alone, he brought with him his friend Brandon Wilde, another celebrity of the American adult entertainment industry.

The language barrier is an easy obstacle to overcome for these guys. The "body language" also works very well between Camille and Brandon and this alchemy offers us a shooting bringing intense sex which is passionate, with the boys initially taking turns to kiss each other. Brandon is totally addicted to the beautiful ass Camille (as we also understand) and enjoys some sublime rimming action, expansion, spit and finger play before entering his hole. Brandon is perfectly versatile will ask Camille for a kiss, then re-enter Camille with power enough to make him come. Our American star of the day will end with a thick facial cum-shot on the angelic face of our Frenchie.

TAGS : UStour, Las Vegas, versatile, rimming, pink asshole, flip fuck, blowjob, sodomy, facial cumshot, pornstar

Sunday, May 24, 2015

RAGING STALLION: FUCK HOLE - Dario Beck, Derek Atlas

Dario Beck reclines, legs spread eagle, ready to be taken. He squeezes his balls with anticipation and his finger drifts erotically back and forth across his tight fuck hole. Derek Atlas emerges from behind a curtain of chains, holding his throbbing hard cock. Dario's hormones spur him to jump up and seductively greet him with a passionate kiss. Dario devours Derek's neck, armpit, and nipple with his moist lips. Then his tongue travels to Derek's meaty cock. Derek grasps the chains overhead and unleashes his sex drive by fucking Dario's face. After a juicy oral session, Dario offers his hungry hairy ass. Derek squeezes and parts Dario's furry cheeks so he can drive his nose and tongue into the center. Then he probes his cock deep into the crevice. The friction of fur on fur sets up a current of sexual electricity that makes them quiver and vocalize their ecstasy. Dario gets on his back so Derek can skewer his fuck hole even more deeply. They kiss, and Derek mounts him like a beast, with powerful, rapid strokes backed up by 200 pounds of muscle. Dario flips over and milky cum squirts from his cock. Derek bursts like a dam, shooting white clots of semen across Dario's ridged abs.

Actors : Dario Beck, Derek Atlas

Categories : Anal, Big Dick, jockstraps, Oral, rimming, Tattoos
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