Saturday, November 22, 2014

CAZZO CLUB: Andy Nickel, Gilo

A customer wants to pick up his car and meets Andy the workshop whore. Andy has the impressive cock of the customer in his mouth very quickly. He can't wait to give what he needs in Andy's tight ass. Andy's ass can hardly absorb the thick trunk, but nevertheless he moans as the hot fucker customers pounds him until he squirts the cum on the ass. This is customer service which deserves its name.

BADPUPPY: Lucky Taylor

We first saw Lucky Taylor in Cocktoberfest Sausagefest Vol. 1 when he was “lucky” enough to get to blow eight hot guys in a locker room. Today, Lucky’s back, on his own, & showing us what he enjoys during alone time.

Smoking Guys

Ivan Rueda

Kai Cruz

BADPUPPY: Kiko Hyde & Dennis Wesley

Blonde bombshell Kiko Hyde & deliciously furry Dennis Wesley give us a little side-by-side action as each of them works his long, thick, uncut cock.


Daniel Diesel
Marty Cane
Benjamin Dunn

Benjamin Dunn Works Over Two Twink Asses
The young stablehand Marty is lured into a hot threesome with his two workmates Daniel and Benjamin. Once they’ve gotten going the lads run wild over each other’s rock-hard bodies and throbbing cocks. Three twinks sucking, wanking and fucking the heat out of their nuts! Benjamin Dunn is king for a day and can take his pick, barefucking the solid bubblebutts however he wants.

HELIX STUDIOS: Jacob Dixon, Cooper Steel

Key Words: Twink, Toys, Cum Shots, College Guys, Big Dick, Bareback, Anal Sex, American

There’s no better feeling in the world than getting a brand new toy. Except maybe when you get to stick your cock in that brand new toy. Jacob is on the couch deep dicking his new Fleshjack when roommate Cooper comes home. Toys are always more fun when shared with a friend so Jacob invites Cooper to help break it in. The boys take turns pummeling the poor Fleshjack with their big dicks, getting rock hard and ready to fuck. That’s when it’s time to ditch the toy, because nothing’s as good as the real thing

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Deep Water 3

The recruitment is going well. Not for the candidate but for sure for the recruiter. Enjoying getting his dick sucked and so on. Let’s see how the young lad is gonna handle anal and heavy pounding.

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