Sunday, April 19, 2015

FRENCH TWINKS: My brother's boyfriend (A cute twink fucks his brother's boyfriend) - Samuel, Paul

Samuel Paul surprises the little brother of his boyfriend - spirited jerk off while watching on his phone pictures of him . Both confused and flattered to fantasize about  the twink , Samuel doesresist the temptation to hit on the brother of her boyfriend !

The two boys kiss and Samuel grabs the already stiff cock of Paul to suck and lick his balls . After torrid foreplay Samuel is impaled on the raging cock of Paul and many secual positions ensure and  every enjoyment while being taken to the fullest.

Paul confesses in his interview that he has enjoyed several occasions in Samuel's ass without even being noticed !

FRENCH TWINKS: Twinks wake up in the Hotel - Nicolas-Douglass, Jules

Jules and Nicolas are two cute twinks, both 18 years old, come spend a weekend with friends in Paris. Tired from the previous evening the two boys are asleep in their hotel room but Nicolas wakes them up with his stick and a little frustrated athaving brought a guy that night he decided to turn his buddy Jules and quickly gets hard.

Although they are both rather passive , the two youngsters willlack imagination to have fun and enjoy abundantly : deep blowjob, fingering , toys , mutual motion ... Sensuality, discovery of their bodies , language games and enjoyment await you in this softcore 100 young twinks special.

COCKYBOYS: Dillon Rossi Rails Max Carter

Scene 2: Dillon Rossi Rails Max Carter

Dillon Rossi hasn't fucked a guy in a while, so he was eager to put that thick cock of his to use! He's one of the most sexually versatile guys at CockyBoys, but there's something special about him when he's the top. With his modest, attractive personality, it's extremely hot to see him suddenly take control and dominate another guy. Max Carter seemed to be the perfect bottom boy for Dillon. They're both very different, yet their bodies complement each other very well. No matter what position they were in -- Max on top, doggy style, spooning -- Dillon and Max really fit together like peas in a pod. Another great scene where chemistry is everything!

COCKYBOYS: Dillion Rossi Fucks Liam Riley

Scene 1: Dillion Rossi Fucks Liam Riley

Liam sucks Dillon's cock and tries to shove every inch of it into his mouth but in vain - Dillon's cock is as big as Liam's head! After that Dillon returns the favor and devours Liam's rock hard dick before making his way down to his hole which he licks as if there's honey on it. The real fun finally begins though when Dillon shoves his whole 9 incher into Liam's tight little hole and plows away into the night. It doesn't matter what position they were in, Liam just wants the whole thing as deep up his hole as he can take it and he's going to stop riding it until both of them have shot their loads! Sure enough, with a massive dick like Dillon's shoved so deep up Liam's ass it is only a matter of time before Liam's load shoots out and covers his chest. Dillon of course follows Liam's example and creams his thigh with a thick load all over Liam. We can say now that Liam has been officially Rossi'd.

FRENCH TWINKS: A hot jock strapped ass - Xavier, Anthony

Baptiste's birthday is coming and Xavier invites him to celebrate his 18th birthday at home with some friends. But before the birthday party, Anthony arrives with Xavier and is very interested in the gift he has for Baptist: a sexy jock-strap!

While Anthony models the jock-strap for Baptsite, Xavier cancontrol his impulses and jumps on him. The two twinks kiss and caress before the wicked Anthony sucks Xavier with passion and finally pokes out his ass, always cast in the underwear. Xavier licks the small hole of Anthony to prepare him before inserting his thick cock. A dynamic and deep ass pounding again showing that Xavier is also comfortable in bottoming. Anthony just turned 18 and is with us for the first time, and has proved himself! To complete this scene with two beautiful abundant cum-shots across the twinks cute face!

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