Saturday, October 25, 2014

STAXUS: Lloyd Goldwyn, Tim Law

He used to be the cutest twink on the block, but there’s simply no denying the fact that Tim Law’s looking just that little bit more muscled and mature these days – and, to be fair, it arguably suits the fellow. Never more so, in fact, than when he’s sat out on Lloyd Goldwin’s veranda at the start of this fantastic coupling, puffing on a big, fat cigar and looking every inch the cocksure white boy.

As it happens, however, Goldwin’s clearly been tipped off as to how to tame this wayward honky; and within seconds of the local lad whipping out his oversized black mamba from those gorgeous white briefs of his, Law’s very much reverted to his shamelessly youthful self. Some guys, it seems, never change, no matter how toned or beefed up they get; and the fact remains that Law has never been the kind to turn down the opportunity to play with a thick, meaty monster of this quality. As a result, the young Slovak has very quickly abandoned his cigar in favour of something else that’s big and fat, teasing the very life out of every inch of the home-boy’s ramrod and wantonly pleasuring Goldwin for all that he’s worth.

Of course, it doesn’t take much cognitive power to realise that Law’s appetite for his new buddy’s dick is set to be the driving force behind this sordid escapade – a hunger for raw cock that soon encourages the lad to sit on Goldwin’s lap and quite literally bounce up and down on the full, uncompromising length on that meaty raw shaft. It’s a move that reverts Law back to type pretty much straightaway, acting the role of total bitch in order to enjoy every inch that his fuck-buddy can muster. No fuckin’ wonder that he’s soon squirting like a trooper; topped off by Goldwin creaming for all he’s worth!


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Lloyd Goldwyn, Tim Law


Sam Truitt

Description : Meet a very handsome, sexy Twink named Sam Truitt.  He's an easy going guy who loves turning on all who care to feast their eyes.  He's introducing himself and sharing a few fun facts.  Sam is a huge Batman fan, evidenced by the large, realistic looking tattoo, and hopes to one day appear in a big, Hollywood Batman blockbuster.  Sam also loves spending time with his real-life boyfriend and fellow Next Door Twink, Trent Ferris.  Sam is explaining a little bit about the couple's sexual habits, including some interesting info about ass eating!  Like Sam says, his gorgeous eyes make him stand out, but there's something else that's people find even more impressive...his massive cock!  Watch Sam get comfortable before pulling out his big, hard dick for some nice sensual stroking.  Then see him slide a dildo into his tight, warm ass and work it in and out while continuing to jerk his thick meat.  Sam is an amazing specimen you won't soon forget. Enjoy!

Actors : Sam Truitt

Categories : Ass Play, Gay Porn, Huge Dick, Jerking off, Solo, Twink
Surprise Dessert

Description : A sensibility for elegance is required when throwing a dinner party like the one JT Stryder's been planning.  He's invited 3 friends over to enjoy a delicious, four-course meal, including a surprise dessert.  Although all three invited confirmed they'd be there, only one, Seamus O'Rilley, has actually shown up.  Seamus and JT have only met once before, but JT decides this could be an opportunity to get to know sexy Seamus better.JT shows Seamus to the dining table where he pours him a glass of wine.  JT goes back into the kitchen to put some finishing touches on his surprise dessert.  They continue talking from the separate rooms, but after a few minutes, JT stops responding.  Seamus thinks this strange, so he walks toward the kitchen to investigate.  As he looks around a corner into the kitchen, he sees JT near the sink, stroking his large cock fervently.  Seamus stays quiet, but keeps peeking around the corner.  He gets excited, so he pulls out his own growing erection and tugs it, still remaining quiet.  When the time is right, he walks out from around the corner, cock in hand, to see how JT will react.  JT likes what he sees.  The two walk to each other and kiss deeply.  JT begins jerking Seamus's enormous dick.  He works his way down, finally wrapping his lips around the stiff member and sucking it good.  They move to the kitchen counter where Seamus gets his mouth around JT's fattie.  JT can't believe he's getting a hot blowjob right in his own kitchen from this hot, new friend.  Seamus gets a taste of JT's asshole, readying it for his cock.  They switch positions and JT mounts the huge boner, sitting on it and riding hard.  Join these two in the kitchen as they work up to an intense, creamy surprise dessert that's sure to please. Enjoy!

Actors : JT Stryder, Seamus O'Rilley

Categories : Anal Sex, Huge Dick, Jerking off, Oral, Rimming, Twink

MALE REALITY: Nick Daniels, Dominik Sharp

My Boyfriend Is Gay

Description : When the girlfriend leaves town, these boys don't waste time going down... on each other.

Actors : Nick Daniels, Dominik Sharp

Categories : Anal, Closeted Boyfriend/Caught in the act, Euro, Twinks

STAXUS: Lloyd Goldwyn

MALE REALITY: Julian Tomlinson, Benito Moss

Office Twinks

Description : After working long hours a worker decides to take a nap at the office and awakes to a well deserved surprise.

Actors : Julian Tomlinson, Benito Moss

Categories : Anal, Euro, Twinks


FISTING CENTRAL: Tony Buff, Draven Torres

Daddyz Boyz

Description : In a dark room, naked Draven Torres clasps the arms of a St. Andrew's cross while taskmaster Tony buff flogs him. Draven's coal-black hair is waxed into a Mohawk of sorts. His, high, round buns reflect the light. Draven presses his neck into the 'V' of the cross as if it were some kind of guillotine. Tony coaches him, offering reassurances; then he resumes the flogging, faster and harder than before. Draven grimaces; tears run down his cheeks. Tony stops. He lays his cheek upon one of Draven's muscular shoulders, rubs his back. Then the flogging commences again: shoulders back ... ass ... legs rest. Draven's cries split the silence. Tony hugs him. Draven signals for more. He could make it stop at any time, but he doesn't. Tony swaps one flogger for another. Draven's back is criss-crossed with raised welts. He releases his grip on the cross, but still he wants more.

Actors : Tony Buff, Draven Torres

Categories : BDSM, Boots, Flogging, Restraints, Submission

STAXUS Horny little dick-fiend enjoys a hard-hitting - Daniel Johnson & Oscar Roberts

Some guys like to be treated with respect and made to feel of value – but that’s not something that young Oscar Roberts is looking for, that’s for sure. In fact, this horny little slut literally can’t wait to be laid out in a sling, with his hands and feet tied and his ass open and ready for whoever walks in through the door! Which in this instance just happens to be Daniel Johnson – a rather determined fellow, who seems to know instinctively how to treat a lad who clearly has no self-worth or self-respect.

Friday, October 24, 2014

NEXT DOOR STUDIOS: Rob, Ian Levine, Derrick

Inviting Doors

Description : Rob and Derrick are such sneaky boys!  They've crept up on Ian Levine at his house, high up on a hill, in order to spy on his sexy body while he's in the nude.  They catch him just out of the shower - LUCKIES!  After spying on his bulbous, sexy ass for a while, they go inside and get him!  Ian is so surprised, but also so turned on.  He likes the idea of being handled roughly and receiving a dick in his mouth, while Rob the hottie licks his sweet, tight hole.  Derrick slides his nice, large cock in and out of Ian's cute mouth.  Then they flip him over so Rob can suckle Ian's meat.  He slurps Ian big stiffie while Derrick continues the course, dipping his fat member between Ian's lips.  Not much later, Derrick is pushing that cock into Ian's ass.  Ian takes the pounding from Derrick while getting face fucked at the other end by Rob.  When Rob gets his turn on Ian's tender hole, it means some very hard slamming.  Derrick watches and jerks his huge dick.  Join these three rowdy boys as they leave their inhibitions at the door and let passions run wild in this impromptu sex romp.  Enjoy!

Actors : Rob, Ian Levine, Derrick

Categories : Anal Sex, Blowjob, Gay Porn, Hardcore, Threesome, Twink

COCKYBOYS: Levi Karter, Jack Rayder & Lukas Grande Fuck!

Levi loves threesomes and was really intrigued to meet real life boyfriends, Lukas and Jack. He thinks sex with couples is a lot of fun since there's already a lot of chemistry involved. The guys all describe themselves as sweet and gentle, so it was interesting seeing the energy three versatile men have with each other.
After spending time outdoors and bonding, the trio took their fun indoors to a nice big comfy couch. Levi immediately jumped right in, giving Jack a blowjob that really had him moaning. Lukas enjoyed the show and jumped in to help Levi suck Jack's cock, leading to some hot kissing between Levi and Jack. Next they switched it up with Lukas plowing Jack doggy style while Jack worshiped Levi's cock with his mouth. Jack was truly the middle section of this manwich -- he rimmed Levi's ass as Lukas shared one hot kiss with Levi. As the action really took off, Jack started moaning some more. "Oh this is soooo amazing..."
Finally, it was time to switch it up to a big chair where Lukas and Levi took turns fucking Jack harder and harder. This was really becoming the perfect equal-opportunity fuckfest -- Lukas cumming on Jack, Jack cumming on his chest, followed a short while later by Levi's load. Yup, everybody went home happy after this threeway!

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